Connect SAP Business One with Shopify

SAP Business One and Shopify integration touchpoint


New customer

Web customers can register online. All registration information (such as account information) will be synchronized to the SAP Business One business partner master data.

Existing customers

Any existing web customer details in Shopify can be downloaded to SAP Business One.


Business One to Shopify

Register SAP Business One products and all detailed information in the Shopify online store. If there is a complex type or variant type product, please discuss the structure of the customer to manage the complex type or variant type product.

Product download

Download existing simple or combined products to SAP Business One.

Product details update

Updates of product details on Shopify can be synchronized in the SAP Business One Item master data.


All Shopify sales orders placed by online customers will be synchronized as SAP Business One sales orders.

Value mapping of tax and shipping charges

When converting a Web order to an SAP business sales order, ensure that the accurate value mapping of taxes and shipping costs is used to calculate the total order amount correctly.

Discounts sync

ABS fully supports the synchronization of discounts to SAP Business One sales orders, and maintains the same order value in Shopify and ERP systems.


Stock update

Inventory updates from SAP Business One to maintain accurate inventory levels in e-commerce stores. Product inventory will be synchronized from SAP Business One to Shopify, and there are multiple combinations to choose from:

  • In Stock – Committed
  • In Stock
  • In Stock – Committed + Ordered

SAP B1 warehouses mapped with Shopify

SAP Business One warehouses can be fully mapped with the Shopify website (provided that there are multiple warehouses in multiple locations). The inventory from the required warehouse or the accumulated inventory from multiple warehouses can be synchronized to Shopify through the configuration in ABS.


Payment Gateway

The Shopify store integrated with the payment gateway will simplify payment authorization, and the capture process will be carried out within the gateway website. After successful payment, the transaction ID will be returned and the order will be placed into Shopify. In addition, the invoice will be immediately generated in the e-commerce store. ABS downloads sales orders and invoices to SAP Business One as ERP sales orders and accounts receivable reserved invoices, which contain the receipt and online payment transaction ID. It depends on the end customer's confirmation of the invoice management process.


Shipment tracking

SAP Business One users can enter the shipment tracking number in the SAP delivery note, and it will be synchronized to Shopify. This tracking number can be found in the order details on the storefront. Therefore, online customers can use this tracking number to track their shipments.

Benefits of Integration

Reduce the time to replenish inventory

The sales in your e-commerce will be reflected in your ERP in real time. You can effectively plan your supply chain.

Fast order processing

By automatically entering online orders into ERP, the back-end order processing efficiency is improved. Smooth and faster order fulfillment..

Automated financial input

E-commerce sales transactions are automatically and accurately recorded in your ERP. You can get a complete financial view of your business at any time.

Improve customer satisfaction

By automatically updating at every stage of order fulfillment, your customers will always be notified.

Avoid "out of stock"

Synchronize real-time inventory updates to network inventory. Eliminate "out of stock" situations.

Track guest checkout

Guest customers and their sales orders are tracked in ERP. Turn guest buyers into loyal customers.

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