SAP DI API - Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt

The exact reason for the error is currently unknown. It have something to do with an incorrect DI-API, but in some cases the problem lies in the databases and not the client itself… If looking at the SDN people have resolved this issue in many different ways indicating that the error might come from multiple issue.. Here are the different ways I know people have solved the problem:

  • Some claim that is the uninstall and reinstall the .Net framework the error goes away
  • Some claim going to the %temp% folder and removing the SM_OBS_DLL folder solves the problem
  • Some claim you need to reinstall the DI-API
  • Some claim that you need to reinstall the client
  • Some claim that you need to upgrade to a higher patch-level in order to remove the problem

Also SAP have me the following note (Note 1085699) on the error