SAP - DI API - Data Type Mapping



Type Structure Type SubType
Alphanumeric Regular db_Alpha st_None
Alphanumeric Address db_Alpha st_Address
Alphanumeric Phone db_Alpha st_Phone
Alphanumeric Text db_Memo st_None
Numeric None db_Numeric st_None
Date/Hour Date db_Date st_None
Date/Hour Hour db_Date st_Time
Units And Totals Rate db_Float st_Rate
Units And Totals Sum db_Float st_Sum
Units And Totals Price db_Float st_Price
Units And Totals Quantity db_Float st_Quantity
Units And Totals Percent db_Float st_Percentage
Units And Totals Measure db_Float st_Measurement
General Link db_Memo st_Link
General Image db_Alpha st_Image